About us

PhunkyPatches was born from a love of festival gathering and great music. Every summer I look forward to hitting the road, seeing great shows, visiting old friends and meeting new ones. It has been ten years since I set up my first booth and I still love it! The energy of setup, seeing the festival come together, watching people loosen up and enjoy themselves...all of it keeps me coming back. 

It has been so much fun watching festival fashion evolve over the years, which has inspired me to create a line of my favorite looks. Here you can find some new gear, as well as festival classics from over the years. If I have learned one thing, it is what a body needs to make the most out of a festival experience. Every piece on the site is handmade, and is designed to facilitate the revels. I think this adds great character and fun! Don't you?

I am also happy to take custom orders or to answer any questions you make have. Please, contact me at phunkypatches@earthlink.net  to start a conversation about your next creation!